Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Open Bible

Well, I just completed a few days without a computer using my open Bible, a note pad, and a pen. It was almost like the good ole days (pre-computer) and bearable for the most part. But it really did demonstrate so many things that I had grown used to. There was no cut and paste, but rather writing things out. There was no Bible software search, but flipping through the pages of God's Word. These were good things, and things which reminded me that there are definitely more times than I might regularly take advantage of when I should just leave the computer off. One thing that I am thankful I did not have to consider changing after this was that my time in the Word (with or without a computer) was still centered in having my Bible wide open and at my finger tips.

Friday night I sat with a family as they went through their wife and mother's Bible and noticed all that she had marked and commented on, things which are easily lost as a treasure when we rely so heavily on electronics. Even for myself, I was encouraged as I reflected on handling my dad's Bible as a new believer or even spending the money years ago to recover rather than replace my most used and still used Bible. The pages contain so many memories of my relationship with God and His constant love and instruction.

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