Monday, October 14, 2019

The Face of an Angel

It’s so hard when we are challenged in some way to not let it show in some way. In Acts chapter 6 a man named Stephen was selected with six others to care for the needs of some of the widows who were not being helped. The qualifications for the six in being chosen were that they had good reputations, full of the Spirit and of wisdom. Additionally, we read that Stephen was also full of faith and of the Holy Spirit.

As we move on to the rest of chapter 6 and then all of chapter 7, we learn Stephen was also full of grace and power. We find that beyond caring for the widows, he also was actively speaking about Jesus Christ in the synagogues of non-native Hebrews or Hellenists, and that the Spirit of God was working miraculous signs and wonders as proofs of God’s sending him. As this was happening, we learn that the leadership in one of the synagogues challenged him. When they could get nowhere in their debate, they then hauled him before the greater Council of leadership who listened as false charges were brought against him. When his accusers had finished the Council turned their attention to Stephen. This is what we read in Acts 6:15, “And fixing their gaze on him, all who were sitting in the Council saw his face like the face of an angel.”

Imagine that, having the people you had worshipped with growing up now coming against you because of your faith in Christ. Add to that the entirety of the Jewish leadership. Yet, this man as he sat before them and they observed him even in disagreement, had a countenance that could be spoken of as comparative to how one would imagine the face of an angel.

We all have challenges in our lives and things that might tend to rock our boats. Stephen demonstrated for us how a firm faith in God, knowing His security in Christ and living according to the power of the Spirit made all the difference. 

Sherman County eNews Spiritual Matters - 08/16/2019

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