Tuesday, August 21, 2018

God is Faithful

Sometimes in our English translations of the Bible we find an original language word that is worded differently based upon the context of a specific passage and maybe a special facet of the word that is not fully captured by any single English word. This is the case with the Greek word “peirasmos” which is translated variously as temptation, trials, and tests. In working through the passages dealing with this one Greek word I developed an amplification of one of those verses (1 Corinthians 10:13).

“There is no test, no trial, no temptation to sin, no pushing, pulling, prodding, or anything else that comes my way that makes me any different than anyone else. We all experience these things, maybe in different ways and at times to different degrees, but I am no different than anyone else.

BUT GOD…. He is always faithful in all things. With every trial, test, or temptation—no matter how big or how small; with all of these things He has set a limit to them. He will not allow anything into my life beyond which He also has not given the ability to victoriously endure. With every single test, trial, and temptation He has provided a way of escape, and He will keep me from being crushed, and He will bring me out standing on the other side. This is true whether that other side is realized in this life or ultimately in His presence. This is a certain fact.

Therefore, I will place my trust in Him and look not to the size of the situation, BUT to the size and faithfulness of my GOD.”

It is my hope that this might help you as it has me in reminding us who we need to turn to when things get tough and then commit to trusting God in response.

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